3 Types Of Hair Loss Due To Stress Along With The Visible Signs To Recognize Them

Types Of Hair Loss Due To Stress

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Types Of Hair Loss Due To Stress

The first thing before stating the types of hair loss due to stress is identifying the 3 main types of stress-associated hair loss styles.

1:Telogen Effluvium

This type is significantly associated with high levels of stress. It is distinguished by resting hair follicles (inhibiting blood circulation in hair cells).
During this phase, Telogen hairs start shedding repeatedly, whereas the average rate of hair loss (in the normal physical case in which there is no effect on the appearance) is 125 hairs a day.

2:Alopecia Areata

Under this condition, the immune system starts interacting and eventually attacking its own hair follicles, thus resulting in bald spots on the head. However, stress is not the only reason behind hair loss.

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