Natural At-Home Beauty Treatments

The story never changes. If you want to remain youthful, then cut back on refined sugar immediately. Your diet should definitely be packed with antioxidants such as fresh greens and fruits. Your face will love you for it! Stock up on spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, acai berries (basically, any type of berries), cherries, cucumbers, carrots etc. and look and feel great after.

As an added bonus, you can take leftover strawberries, mix them with a bit of honey and gently, in circular patterns, work the mixture into your face, leave on and rise off after 3 minutes. Believe it or not, the mixture energizes the complexion for all skin types.

In addition, drink a lot of water as it replenishes the skin like nothing else. In fact, consider incorporating coconut water (important: not coconut milk) into your life, as coconut water is very rich in magnesium, potassium, vitamin C, fiber and protein, and also has been attributed in helping speed up the good ole metabolism. What does this mean to you? In short, it accelerates weight loss!


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