Pregnancy Naturally

Being pregnant can be a wonderful thing, it can be full of love and excitement, tension and anxiety. You will have to face the reality of things, you will have a lot of decisions to make. Life will never be the same, whether it’s your first or not.
Once you receive the confirmation that you are pregnant you will have to decide if you are going to use your doctor or a midwife? You will have to decide where you are going to have the baby? Will it be a home birth, in a birthing clinic or a hospital. You will need to determine your due date. Once you have sorted out the answers to these main questions you can start in making sure your baby gets the best possible start to its life, even before its born.

Maintaining a healthy nutritional diet is one of the most important factors in helping baby to grow safe and healthy whilst still inside your womb. It can also help you with keeping up the extra energy you will need, reducing the effect of carrying around the extra weight of the baby inside of you.
Your body will have different needs during your pregnancy and these needs will show themselves in various ways. It is nothing to be concerned about, it is usually just a temporary situation. You may have strange cravings, if you do just indulge in them. You may find you can’t eat something that you used to like, don’t worry about it, these things will pass.
The following are some natural products that may help you get through your pregnancy:
Red Raspberry – Commonly known as the woman’s herb this herb can be taken throughout your pregnancy. Traditionally it has been used to strengthen the uterus and help women to carry full-term reducing the chances of the baby being born prematurely.
5W (five weeks)- This is a combination of herbs by Nature’s Sunshine Products. There are a lot of midwives and mothers that would insist on it and would not deliver without it. 5W should be taken for the last five weeks before the baby’s due date. The combination of herbs helps to tone the uterus and shorten the length of time you are in labor.
Magnesium and calcium – these two minerals are very important during your pregnancy for a number of reasons. Your baby needs calcium to begin to form their teeth and bones and if you do not have enough your baby will compensate by pulling all it needs from your own teeth and hair. That is the reason you find pregnant women have brittle, dull, lifeless hair and more cavities during pregnancy.

Maintaining adequate levels of calcium can also help to prevent preeclampsia during late prgnancy. It can also help in avoiding excess muscle or leg cramps, something which is common in pregnant women.
Prenatal Vitamins- Whilst most multivitamins will contain the necessary ingredients for an average adult, prenatal vitamins have larger amounts of the important vitamins and minerals that you will need during your pregnancy. Some prenatal vitamins also contain the herb Ginger, this can help with morning sickness.

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