The wrong things you do in winter lead your dog : please Do not repeat it

During winter, many animals feel cold like we humans,
And many damages so we must take care of them better

1 Always trim the hair around paw pads properly

by :

Hair trimming around paw pads will restrict ice and snow from sticking up between footpads. Ensure you check for cuts, cracks, and any foreign debris after outside walks. Also, applying E45 or a little vaseline to your dog’s pads, is a good way to properly maintain them. However, you should beware of sticky paw prints around the house.
we wouldn’t step outside in the winter without our shoes so why should our dogs? Booties not only protect your dog’s paws from the cold pavement, ice and snow, but also from dangerous de-icing chemicals.
if your dog has a difficult time accepting booties.
Avoid salted areas (and all de-icing chemicals ).
If your dog does walk through chemically treated areas without booties protecting his paws, be sure to wash his paws thoroughly after every walk.
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